K6 Pro 48V 25AH Battery

K6 Pro 48V 25AH Battery

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Anti-theft battery lock:

A quick-removable hidden battery lets you charge the battery pack on or off the frame.
Euybike battery is equipped with a battery lock to ensure your battery safety.


Built-in universal battery:
1. Can be locked and removed with the two keys provided
2. Suitable for X6, NXB, Auloor
3. Weight: 6.83 lbs
4. Voltage: 48V
5. Total capacity: 12.8 Ah

1. The charger is recommended to be placed at home. The jitter of carrying it in the car will cause the internal components to loosen.

2. It is strictly forbidden to use the battery in series, and the failure caused by the series connection cannot be guaranteed.

3. Do not charge indoors to avoid accidents.

4. It is strictly forbidden to insert the positive and negative electrodes of the battery into each other, reverse the load or connect it with the unmatched electric vehicle load.

5. Please choose the same voltage as the original one for purchase. If the difference causes problems, no warranty will be given.

6. The charger must be used for charging. It is strictly forbidden to use the lead-acid charger to charge.

7. The battery is rain-proof, but do not put the battery in water, the water is not guaranteed.

8. Do not disassemble the battery without permission, disassembly is not guaranteed, and refuse to return.

9. The charger is only guaranteed for 6 months (the buyer needs to bear the return shipping cost).

·Handle the battery with care during use to avoid damage to the internal components;

·Batteries are prohibited from being used in series or in parallel;

·The battery shall not be loose, shaken, squeezed and deformed when placed inside the battery case;

·It is strictly forbidden to insert the positive and negative wires of the battery into each other, reverse the load, or connect it with the unmatched electric vehicle load;

·After the battery is discharged, it needs to be charged in time or within 24 hours after discharge;

·During battery storage, charge the battery every 1 month;

·The matching charger must be used for charging, and the use of lead-acid battery chargers is strictly prohibited;

·It is strictly forbidden to disassemble without permission during use;

·It is strictly forbidden to use and leave the battery next to a heat source or high temperature source (such as fire, heater, etc.);

·It is strictly forbidden to let the battery come into contact with water, the water is not guaranteed; it should be stored in a cool and dry environment when not in use.

·You must use the charger specially designed or certified by our company to charge, otherwise it may lead to shortened battery life or battery failure and termination of warranty service

·It is forbidden to directly touch both ends of the positive and negative poles with conductive objects;

·Please charge the battery within 0℃-40℃, for daily use, the charger can be charged as needed;

·When the battery leaves the factory, there is only a small amount of power, please use the battery fully before use;

·In order to ensure your safety, it is strictly forbidden to take it home or charge indoors, and it is strictly forbidden to charge in an unattended place; when charging, please place the charger and battery in a ventilated, stable, dry, and free of flammable and explosive materials and children. Inaccessible open and safe places;

·During the charging process, the charger may heat up, as long as the temperature does not exceed 60C, it is normal;

·After the battery is completely discharged, the battery should be charged in time and the charging time should not be less than 3 hours.

·This product can only be used on electric bikes that match the specified electrical properties, and cannot be used on other electrical equipment, otherwise the warranty will not be given;

·Damage or unreasonable configuration of the controller, click, horn, lighting equipment, etc. of the electric bikes will lead to a large current discharge of the battery. At this time, the battery will stop output protectively. Riding does not have any effect;

·The applicable temperature range of this product: -10℃~45℃; like all other batteries, the energy utilization of the battery shell will decrease as the temperature decreases, which is a normal phenomenon;

·When using a lithium battery, avoid water, beverages and corrosive liquids entering the battery, which may cause the battery to leak, heat, smoke, fire and explode;

·It is forbidden to use more than two groups of batteries in series or in parallel without permission, otherwise the warranty will not be granted.