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What does EUY stand for?

E--excellent, U--ultrafast, Y--young.

We’ve always believed that getting out onto the road and exploring the world is the best way to live life. Getting your first bike is liberating and empowering but it’s a habit so many of us put to one side as we get older. Finding the time and energy to cycle in the heat and battle up steep climbs isn’t for everyone, so we decided to change things.

With more and more of us looking for eco-friendly alternatives to our cars and public transport, cycling is more appealing than ever. Our goal is to open up the joy of cycling to people from all walks of life with a faster, easier, and greener way to get from A to B in style.

To make it happen we’ve combined a passion for all things on two wheels with an eye for detail and a love of creative problem-solving. The result is EUY, an electric bike brand that’s committed to doing things better.

EUY entered the e-bike industry in 2014. We are an electric bike company that loves to listen to our customers' suggestions. We only offer the best electric bikes at affordable prices. Constructed from the strongest 6061 aluminum and magnesium alloys, our bikes resist oxidation, and corrosion, and are affordable. You will enjoy your bike for years to come for the least amount of money!.

We started in a small workshop with nothing but a box of tools and a bright idea. Within a couple of weeks, we had a working prototype, and by the end of the year, we’d fine-tuned every aspect of our electric bike design. There were bumps along the way and plenty of tricky decisions but we got there by focusing on what matters: making a difference. Today we’re proud to be a growing name in the electric bike world and one that allows anyone to enjoy life the eco-friendly way. By using durable components, expert craftsmanship, and the latest battery technology we’ve created a smooth ride that never lets you down.
When it’s time to go out there and explore the world, we wouldn’t settle for anything less. Enjoy the ride!


To open up cycling in a way that allows anyone to enjoy a fast, affordable and eco-friendly mode of transportation.


To create affordable access to reliable electric bike technology that brings eco-conscious consumers closer together.

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