Euybike is Launching the Europe Market Today

Euybike is Launching the Europe Market

Today is an important milestone in the development of EUYBIKE. We have decided to announce the opening of the European market on December 29th. Euybike is a customer-focused and affordable e-bike brand, our mission is to open up riding in a way that allows anyone to enjoy a fast, affordable, and eco-friendly mode of transportation.

We market in the United States and Canada It has been a great success. We have more than 40K riders who are revolutionizing their daily lives. We have accumulated this experience and with our commitment to reducing carbon footprints and green travel, Euybike announced its expansion to Europe. We are bringing high-quality, durable, environmentally friendly bikes to this area that values green travel and outdoor lifestyle.

Why enter the European market?

We are a company rooted in North America and we have served more than 40K riders. Although more and more European customers contact us, we gradually feel the potential of the European electric bike market. After analysis, Europeans' enthusiasm for riding fits well with the culture of the Euybike brand. Not only do they have various riding sports and events, but bicycles have been integrated into their lives. This is very close to our ideal.
When we decided to enter the European market, we did a lot of research and preparation to meet European standards and consumer expectations. Unlike the North American market, Europe has strict restrictions on the motor and speed of e-bikes. Therefore, while retaining the torque of the original motor, we have limited the speed and wattage, striving to allow consumers to meet the requirements. The power of our bikes can also be felt within the regulations of EU countries. There are also CE certifications for bikes and battery certifications. We all comply with EU standards.

Learn about the Euybike models coming to Europe

Based on our survey of the European market and feedback from consumers, we decided to launch 3 models in the European market first. They are Euybike S4, Euybike F6, and Euybike F7. These will be the first batch of launch models for our North American market. Customers rate these models very highly, as they can meet the diverse terrains of Europe and are highly adaptable to climate change. The highly anticipated Euybike K6 Pro will be launched in the second batch of models. Along with Euybike K6 Pro, our new model Euybike K6T will be launched. This is specially designed by us according to the preferences of Europeans. It is derived from our patent The flagship model K6. We will launch it later, so stay tuned.

Opening promotions

Announce any launch promotions or discounts.
We will provide exclusive promotional offers to European customers who have been paying attention to us. Starting from December 29, 2023, European customers will enjoy a €100 discount when purchasing EUY e-bikes. Please use the discount code "EU100" at checkout to save €100.

Reseller and Partner Invitations

To better enter the European market, Euybike hopes to establish a local distribution network and customer support system. The move enables Euybike to provide timely and efficient services to European customers, ensuring a seamless experience from purchase to after-sales support. If you operate an offline bike store in Europe, welcome to contact us to become a dealer in the European market. Contact email: Please include your store address and photos when contacting us. We are currently not accepting online resellers.


I would like to say to our customers in Europe who have been contacting us, we are sorry for keeping you waiting. In the past two years, customers from Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy, and other countries have been contacting us and want to send the bike to their countries. Because the distance is too far, we are sorry that we cannot ship to you. It is because of your support and willingness to wait for our bikes that we can finally solve all the problems and open the European market before 2024. Thank you. We are very excited about EUYBIKE opening a new chapter in Europe. The launch of Euybike will allow the streets of Europe to witness a new wave of electric bike experience. Come join us and have fun riding together!

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